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26 July 2022 @ 02:07 am
If you're interested in trading and would rather not use the form on my site, leave a comment on this post or PM this journal. If the trade form isn't working or you're having trouble commenting email me at dumbledored@gmail.com.

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i v y ♕ so i got wings, like kotex
02 January 2014 @ 12:37 am
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i v y ♕ so i got wings, like kotex
01 August 2013 @ 01:09 am
August 1, 2013
Starter Pack: mushroom08, mushroom04, beat10, beat07, aegyo10, machine06, firstlove04, dino06, aegyo10, angel09
Prejoin bonus pack: owl04, shades05, spunky06, jersey03, blackpearl05, pm-yulsic01, 6 coins
Traded Xiao blackpearl05 for beat04 + membercards
Members favorites: smile05, hamster08, doting04
Members favorites: machine04, cheeky05, blank10
event: event-prejoin
Freebies: almighty04 (L) mushroom05 (U), machine01 (C), cheeky06 (K), happyvirus08 (Y)
Freebies (game): mushroom06, panda08, cheeky04, vitamin06, unicorn02, yulsic07

August 2, 2013
Traded lou blank10 and smile05 for mushroom03 and mushroom09 + membercards
Traded Rinoa cheeky06 for almighty07 + membercards
Traded Lou happyvirus08 for beat05

August 3, 2013
Traded Grace panda08 for mushroom10 + membercards
Traded Kit spunky06 for beat08 + membercards
events: insanity-xiao, insanity-rinoa, bicycle
new decks: mf-theboys04, mf-thegirls04
freebies: almighty09 (L), mushroom02 (U), happyvirus01 (H), beat02 (A), machine02 (N)
Traded Dhee machine01, machine02, machine09, and machine09 for mf-theboys07 and mf-thegirls07
Traded Lou spunky06 for beat08
Model search (1st puzzle): gamer05, fashionista04, 1 coin
Model search (2nd puzzle): quirky08, happyvirus02, 1 coin
Model search (3rd puzzle): quirky05, owl10, 1 coin
Model search (4th puzzle): happyvirus04, sparkling06, 1 coin
Traded Kit unicorn02 for beat01

August 8, 2013
-Lower or higher: archer09, truth08
-Card chain: unicorn08
-Pick of the barrel: perfectionist10, 1 coin
-Wolf and beauty (success): cheeky02, truth07, pm-yulsic01
-Whoops!: dorky03, mf-boys02
-Couple shopping: perfectionist04
-Blackmail: witch03, quirky06, mf-boys08
-wishing well: almighty05 (L), mushroom07 (O), happyvirus03 (V), beat03 (E)
-new decks: guardian03, dorky01, americano09, brainy03, glitter07, airhead09, introvert08
i v y ♕ so i got wings, like kotex
18 July 2013 @ 11:26 am
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